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Unusual String routing - LP STD 06


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Today I upgraded my LP to a LP Standard '06 Lite Burst. The guitar is fabulous in looks and sounds!


Here is a phone picture




Of course, after getting it I immediately went on to change the strings, finding an unusual routing on the saddles.

Apparently, the previous owner 'carved' these saddles off-center for some reason (if any).


Here is how I found it :




I tried to center the new strings but somehow it didn't feel right. Then, I moved the strings back to their original positions and then it was ok.


I am worried that this might be a source of trouble in the future, or that it might reflect an existing issue with the guitar. Again, it feels and plays great, but the saddle thingy bothers me a little.


Would anyone in the forum please advise about this? I wonder if I could buy only the (Gibson) saddles somewhere, without buying the whole bridge



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It is possible to buy new saddles. Some of these other guys could tell you better than I can where to buy them, but I wouldn't be surprised if you can buy them at your local Gibson guitar dealer or online dealer. It should be an easy fix if you ever need to do it.

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are the strings centered over the pickup screws? if so don't worry about it' date=' play it![/quote']


Excellent point!


The first two and the fourth were not centered over the pickup screws. I moved them to the center of their respective saddles, where the original 'channel' is actually present, but unused.


Feels good so far. Did some hard bendings and the strings remain there. Maybe later I will change the saddles if I find them around


Thanks Yoda and BIGBENDS!



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You're on the right track thinking those strings are spaced oddly, but don't expect a properly set up tune-o-matic to have the notches in the center. Only cheap imports come with pre-notched saddles with the groove dead center on each. Gibsons, on the other hand, come with individually notched saddles done by the person setting the guitar up. This allows the strings to be shifted to the bass or treble side of the neck so they sit properly over the edge of the fretboard. Also, the individual spacing is done by eye so that the thicker wound strings aren't crowded and the thin plain strings aren't too far apart (which would happen with pre-notched saddles). You want to pay more attention to where the strings sit on the neck and how far apart they are from each other, and worry less about how it looks on the saddles alone. Just the same, if there are two sets of notches on there, it's possible the prior owner decided to turn the saddles around for intonation and that could've been the cause of making the notches wierd. It's rare to need to flip the saddles on a Nashville bridge, though.

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my les paul came like this... if i move the string back to its original position on the saddle, the string chokes when i bend it! S7003841.jpg



i just don't worry about it.... the guitar plays and sounds just fine.

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