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Gibson Titan 1 tremolo


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I've got a Titan 1 that needs a LDR. The bulb is probably not working and a Fender roach

turns the Volume pot into a tone pot. Anyone know where I can find a NOS Gibson roach?


I suspect someone is going to tell me I need to make my own. The opto side still works according

to the ohm meter. I need to know what type of bulb and size is needed to mate with it.



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Well, I took apart the LDR. The bulb had Sylvania on one side

and a partial number 16C then solder. The wires on the bulb were not making

good contact with the bayonet sides. A little solder fixed that. The bulb woke

up and is now flashing away.


The tremelo seems to be affecting the volume pot somewhat still. So the hunt


The moral of this story is to not give up on your bulb.

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