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Pick up Identification


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well i guess you can check the potentiometersw from the back to see if it looks like it was re soldered or anything like that. If it was well then i cant help. if it wasnt then it should bb's. But you can also look under the metal plate that is under the pickup. take it out, turn it over and it should have a gibson logo, there or whatever brand it is. I dont know how to narrow it any further than that, sorry. hope i helped

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I was told that they are burst bucker pros.

Should be.

I'm not sure when Gibson changed over to them' date=' but that sounds about right.

I put them in my Les Paul Classic, love 'em.





How can I verify?[/quote']

Call Gibson Customer Service, open 24/7 at 800-4GIBSON or 800-444-2766.

Give them your serial number, they can tell you how it was built and shipped.

On occasion, you can snag some tasty info about your guitar.


It's worth a try.

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