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milod Rocks!


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Milod's the Man.

Much appreciated voice in the forum.


By the way' date=' there's a kid from your town who is all-state cross country.

Read about him?[/quote']


My town?

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Well, you guys are making me blush...


As for the comment about "tooth," I'm about to lose all of mine over the next cupla weeks. Yuck. <chortle>


The avatar is really me a year ago with my baby.


I've had a lot of luck in ways in life. No money, just a lot of neat experiences like... shaking hands with Harry Truman, hearing Basie and Ellington in the same year - along with Sunnyland Slim and Little Walter, Gary Davis, Big Joe Williams (the 9-string picker), Ian and Sylvia... and the next year Carlos Montoya... a few years later... etc. etc.


When I pack it in, my brother notes I shouldn't ***** about cash 'cuz he says I can claim it's been a good ride.


Hell, it's still a good ride although I've hadda move kinda quick to keep out of the way of an unhappy rodeo bull.


FYI... I love picking guitar whether at home alone or with a band or with a duet partner (preferable of the distaff variety), rodeo, plains where you can see blue-gray mountains peeping over the horizon 40 or more miles away, the quiet of a mountain temple in Korea, laughing with a Capoeira exponent as we played a duet of that art at a tournament in western Brazil, seeing buskers on the streets of Paris trying to sound "american," and always trying to learn something new. Always trying to learn something new.


Life is mostly good, I think, if you keep your health and expect life to be good.


The problem is to pick out stuff that brings joy and then enjoy it.


Yeah, I did stupid stuff in my youth or I'd have a helluva lot more money and many fewer experiences. <grin>


If you're in school, stay there and don't get seduced by the "glamor" of a job offer you think was made because you were wonderful - when you're at best competent but cheap. <grin> If you're under 40 or maybe even 50, get a degree and make more money at something you like. Don't let your wife talk you outa pickin' for 25 years.



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California man...


Are you talking about the guy who ran in the Boston Marathon? Our HS cross country team last fall wasn't all that good, so??????


Gotta admit I don't read Sports Illustrated.

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milod reminds me of Twain's observation that it is education which reveals to the wise, and conceals from the stupid, the vast limits of their knowledge. He is also a prime example of Sophocles' comment that sometimes you have to wait until the evening to see how glorious the day has been.


Forums in general (and this lounge in particular) are a prime example of why one should remember that the young are always ready to give those who are older than themselves the full benefit of their inexperience, as Oscar Wilde observed.


Though Bainville put it more pithily thus:

"The old repeat themselves, the young have nothing to say. The boredom is mutual".


milod rises above it all, the cream on the milk. Let us all aspire to his standards.

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.... <grin>


As for the age thing... I still have a self image of a 35-year-old. At least, I do until I shave in the morning and see a 3-D topographical map where once there was a face.


As for "repeating yourself" in age... yeah, I do think there's something to that.


But I've noticed a lot of musicians my age and some years younger often tend to play the kind of stuff they did as youngsters in a different style. They also tend to look to even older music than what they played to reinterpret.


Clapton is perhaps a perfect example... The old guy (he's got a cupla months on me as I recall) does quite well with the stuff we heard as "kids," but didn't do on stage as rockers because it wasn't ... loud...


On the other hand ... to repeat myself on this forum ... a cupla times I've about three-quarters felt like putting on a tight black pocket T-shirt with a pack of unfiltered Camels rolled up in the left sleeve and wailing out "Rumble" so loud it'd break windows a block away. <grin>


Being old doesn't mean you're dead yet.

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