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Hey, newbie here. I'm a long time Gibson owner though: 3 les Pauls (black beauty custom, standard premium plus, Neil Young "old black" custom shop) 2 SG standars cherry and ebony, white flying V and black explorer. Anywho, I was looking at the back of my Cherry SG standard and I noticed the serial number seemed odd. The number is

94009072 I had thought the first number was the decade the next three three the day of the year and the fifth is the year. According to that it was made on the 400'th day of 1999? Any thoughts?


Thanks in advance,








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"Production Number: 009072"


What does "production number" mean anyway?


Thanks for you help.


production number is the # your guitar was that the day it was built!! But im not sure if they make 9000 in a day!! So something may be wrong with the site i posted!

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