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Everyone check your junk drawers...


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I need about 4 feet of pre-1900 style bar fret material, preferably 0.040"+.




I know the response will be overwhelming but please be patient, I will answer all emails.


I'm being a wise guy. I think you know that.


I do have an email inquiry out to a guy who had some custom made and has too much left over. I hope he's sympathetic.

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For reasons unknown, this guitar has only four frets remaining. I have no idea why they were removed. They're the old bar frets. I haven't a clue when/where it was made. My only guess is pre-1900 German or Italian. It just doesn't look like the typical US parlor gitar because of the violin style purfling, complicated headstock, flame maple sides & back, etc. It has a lot more problems than just being fretless but hat's a good place to start.








The case is solid oak and weighs a ton. Someone put a lot of work into it!

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I'm as intrigued by the case as I am by the guitar. What's the deal with the indentation on the upper half of the case? Did he carve out clearance for the bridge on the guitar, or is that wear and tear?

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