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Hi Agat. Those pickups are epoxy potted, which is not something that is very common on Gibson pickups. The Tony Iommi pickups are the only ones that they are making that are epoxy potted currently. Epoxy potting can be done to any pickup, so it is really difficult to tell you if they are original, or what kind of pickup they are period. Removing the epoxy potting is a messy and difficult task, and not something I recommend unless you are very experienced. Knowing what model guitar you have there, and what year it was made might help some, but I doubt it. You would be best sending an e-mail to Gibson with that picture, some overall pictures of the guitar, and all the information you know about it (model, year and serial number). Give them some time to do some research on it, and they might be able to help you with it. The e-mail addy is service@gibson.com

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