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what amp do you all use your lp with? i just scored a bassman

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i just bought a fender 59 bassman, plugged in my strats and lespaul to this, and oh man. sweet.

i purchased on clearance... 699.00, its in nearly mint condition from gc. had been eyeing this amp about 2-3 yrs ago.

i tested it, works perfectly. i couldnt convince the wife to let me spend 1300, much less 1700 on this amp.

i have a 4 guitars, 4 amps. one now tube amp...

i was wondering, do any of you have this amp? i love it for the kind of music we play, rock blues, rock, and da blues.

for heavier stuff, my friend plays his lespaul and marshall hs 410. disgusting amp. like i said earlier, wife would kill me spending 3 GS on an amp.

i am saving some cash for a jcm 2000 dsl, though. later though...

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I have a '79 Bassman head, Sounds amazing, but I let the guitarist/lead singer in my band use it (I play bass), so I haven't gotten to play it/try out different guitars through it that much. But I have been sticking to my AC30CCH lately, and just brought a JCM2000 601 TSL down to my place at school. I need to get an A/B switch so I can get the dark stuff out of the Marshall and the brighter stuff out of the Vox...Excellent set up IMO.

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When active and no broken bones and with 58 RI or 79 The Paul: Pair of 66 Twins, or 66 Super Reverb and now newest addition and first low wattage, The Reinhardt 18.




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Fender (Blues Junior, HR Deluxe, or Twin Reverb), mostly.

Used to (in my mispent youth) run a Gibby LP Custom, into a Marshall "Major" (200 tube watt) Full Stack.

Pretty insane volume, and great tone...but, I simply couldn't use it, that often...too loud.


Congrats, on the "Bassman" purchase! I'm sure you'll Love it!



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Congratulations - I love Fender amps! If I get a second amp, it will be a Fender.


But I use and will never sell my Mesa Boogie DC. It is a warmer amp, especially compared to a VOX, but that works out well for me. I long ago went to a Boss GT multi-effects unit, which saved money, reduced the number of times I stepped on the suck pedal, and provides pretty much every effect I've ever wanted to use. The Mesa's warmth smooths out completely (to my ears) any digital brittleness from the effects.


I also like the Mesa well enough that I *could* be one of those 1-cable guys who just plugs into the amp, if I didn't need a tuner. But once you've got one pedal on the floor, in for a penny...

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The Astroverb is the last toy I get for a while... I swear!!!


Got a great crunch and is a little easier to reign in for lower volume playing than my Orange Rocker 30 combo. I thoroughly enjoy both though and each has its own type of overdrive sound -- exactly what I was going for. The Soldano is a little nicer for blues, too, and way easy to get some bright spanky tones out of.



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