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what do you think is the best lespaul ever?

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they are all cool and good guitars so far

what is weird those 3 types are also on my list of top 5 les pauls!

1.) zakk wylde signature series

2.) lespaul silver burst custom

3.) gold top

4.) 59 reissue

5.) access

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As I've commented before, in my seamingly endless quest to get an LP, I have now played a Studio, a 2008 Standard, a Classic, a Traditional, a Traditional Plus, Several Customs, and a 50th R9. Though the Traditional Plus and Several Customs are still on my shortlist along with the 50th R9 since I seem to prefer the heavy weights, the 50th R9 is the best one I've played to date. 2X the price or more better? Of course, not or I'd already own one. It was absolutely better though in feel and function and it is still on my shortlist despite its price. I haven't been able to play an R8 as I would guess a similar reaction and the R7 I got to play once had issues so that wasn't a fair comparison.

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