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Has anyone got or tried a Les Paul fitted with a Stetsbar?




They are pretty pricey and impossible to find in UK so I thought I'd ask if any forum members had experience with it?


Here's a pic of Snowy White with a Stetsbar fitted to his 1999 R7 (you can see his original GT on a stand behind him btw):





I know you all like a bit of guitar prØn so here's a pic of Snowy's 1957 Gold Top:




I saw him playing it in 1980 with Thin Lizzy and have always worshipped GT's ever since. I have recently achieved my ambition and am loving my 2005 R7!!


Does anyone know if you can get Historic black pup rings (deep) and pup selector ring (thin), as I'd love to change my R7 to look like his original. If I live long enough I'll try to do the relicing naturally, otherwise my sons will have to carry on the good work! I know there was Ltd Edn R7 with black plastic as I've just seen one on ebay.


R7 Black Plastic Ltd Edn on ebay





Here's another gratuitous GT pic for you (I guess Duane really loved that guitar):



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