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My new Mesa 5:25 Express head and 3/4 back cab


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Thanks guys, it is a very versatile amp it does it all and it does it well.


I am glad I bought this instead of another guitar, now all my guitars sound 100% better.


The amp looks much better than the pics, this is a very nice amp.


I went with the head an cab because I figure I will have more flexibility down the road.

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The fact that I am just a hobbyist, I just figured I will never need 50 watts.


I also like the sound of the EL84s, the 5:50 uses 6L6s I believe.


The 25 watt mode is really 30 (according to the switch in the back) and it is louder than other 30 watters because of the dynawatt technology. As long as I can play over drums I am good. Most of time I play at home or at a friends house.

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