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Is it too quiet in here?

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Me too KSG!


Sorry guys, been busy as hell at work. Trying to start up a nuclear powerplant ain't as easy as you might think!

I have a long weekend off now, so maybe I'll be more active...



Oh, LSG, you didn't step on my toes - inebriated or not - and you can rest assured I'll let ya know if you do.




Axe, I know you won't believe this but I really don't like the train wrecks that much myself.

But using your analogy, if somebody is trying to derail me there's gonna be something said in return.

If they succeed, count on a BIG pileup with me jumping up and own on top of the smoking wreckage....


I would prefer smooth straight rails myself.



Unit 3 just went to Mode 4 as I was leaving tonight, so we're heating things up now.

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Yea... That maybe my fault. #-o

I haven't seen Neo since I shot shot my mouth off about all his copy & paste threads :- after I had a few drinks.

I mean I like the guy' date=' it was not my intention for him to pack it in, but it has been quiet since. :-k





I am pretty sure he didn't leave because of what you said...that ain't his style. Perhaps banned?

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Great! I was burping the last of the air out of them yesterday.

The only issues we've had so far are self-inflicted.

Outage ran long by 10 days or so, cost us most of our bonus.




Hey Neo' date=' got any tubes in Unit 3?[/quote']

No, but in a few days there will be a 60 cycle hum you will NOT believe!


4,000,000,000 watts at 525,000 volts will do that for ya.



Welcome back partner!

How many bans does this make for you?

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