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Robot Guitar Charger problems... please help!


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Hi everyone,


I've been browsing through posts already on here about the charger, but just wondered if anyone has any further ideas as I still don't seem to have got to the root of the problem.


I followed the instructions in the manual, set the MCK to C, then pressed it and connected to the charger.


The charger initially blinked red, blue and green, then flashes green constantly- the MCK on the guitar also flashes green on and off, but doesn't show the LED battery lights like the manual says.


Eventually the charger light goes red, and the green light just keeps flashing on the guitar.


Any ideas- I'm sure this should be straightforward but somehow annoyingly isn't!


Thanks for anybody that can help :)


Suzie x

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I have problems charging mine if I do not follow the sequence in the manual exactly. You have to connect it exactly in the order in the manual, and the lights have to blink the way the manual states for each step, otherwise, no charge. The manual is pretty laid back so you have to pay attention to each sentence.

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