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Now I get what you guys are talking about (new Traditional in the house)


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The staff at the store were scratching their heads figuring out the color, since it looks like a bourbon burst but they didn't have any stock tags on it. The "IT" in the neck pickup rout is the giveaway. It's nice to know that you can get a nice figured top, and one-piece back, on a guitar out of the regular production GibsonUSA facility. The 50th Anniversary '59 they had in the store did not have as nice a top as this. The neck profile is round but not as fat as the Historics. And it sounds great, too.








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Thanks fellas, high praise indeed knowing some of your collections are stunners. Just goes to show you really have to be there in the store in person to see and feel each guitar. Based on the pickup dates (April 20) I'd have to guess this one didn't last very long at the store, and I got lucky.


I haven't weighed it yet, it's certainly heavier than my ES339 and Strats, but it doesn't weigh a ton. Nice resonance (you can feel an open E chord vibrating the headstock and the lower bout against your ribs). I put a pair of allen-head set screws under the tailpiece studs so they're locked in tight without wobbling, and it may be my imagination but the un-amplified sound is now louder and clearer. Straplocks went on even before I restrung. Used Neo's method, of course.


Like other stores have been known to do, they did not keep track of the case for this particular guitar (there were no inventory tags on it at al, so it might have been hung up minutes before I walked in for all I know) so I do not have the inspection card with the model number or shipping date. Sending an email to customer service to get that info. Also a little miffed they didn't put a trussrod wrench in the case. This is the first new guitar I've ever gotten that needed the trussrod loosened a bit when I got it. Fret wire measures 0.090" x about 0.049" and the Plek leveling makes the action very sweet. It will play with the strings down to 3/64" at the 12th fret and .007 relief. Funny thing about the Plek nut slotting - the slots were awfully shallow but the nut was very nicely shaped. Again, with a new guitar you expect lots of extra material sticking up between the strings and that was not the situation here. Also there really wasn't any ping-ing tuning up where you'd expect it on the D or G strings, probably because they didn't leave any excess material to make the sides of the slots too tall. I did lower the nut slots and open them up a touch to match my taste (and .011 gauge strings) and bring the open action down a little, but that's something that should be left to a personal setup anyway. Also lowered the pickups, they were awfully hot and now are a little clearer.


The only surprise on close inspection, I won't say it's a disappointment really, is the fact that they seemed to have used a bridge with pre-notched saddles and I'd like to have seen the wound strings spaced a bit more. Something that used to set a Gibson apart from the others was the custom-notched saddles. However everything lines up so well that the strings are nicely spaced from the edges of the fretboard, which is what's important. I guess there's a lot to be said for CNC machining of the neck mortise (even if it is a short tenon - there's no sign of it anywhere in the neck pickup cavity).


Now I just have to chat up the clerk at the UPS store or the Post Office and see if we can get her on a good digital scale. I already have plans to get an x-ray, too.


Thanks again to everyone here who enjoyed these photos.

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