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I was at Long & Mcquade in Burlington this morning.

Browsing the racks of Lesters I noticed one that didnt look right. It was a used Gibson Les Paul.

I took it down. It had the worst "burst" finish I have even seen. It looked like a Norlin era

Clownburst. All red then amber with no gradual fade...YUCK!....so was it a Norlin?....nope.

No pancake body. Then I noticed that there was no maple showing under the binding on the neck horn.

Again, I found that odd. I told one of the employees and they took a look. "No, its heavy it has to be a real

Gibson"....THAT folks, are the so called pros who work at your local dealers.


I told him that we here at the Gibson forum see this stuff all the time and that perhaps they should take a

closer look. He didnt seem to want to, but did anyway.

I explained to a few of the salesman my concerns, and as I left, the guitar was laying on the counter and the

salesman was on the phone.


Im going back Monday to pick up a part.....Ill see what they found out.

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