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Steve Clayton Guitar Picks.


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Steve Clayton acetals in 1 mil for me - LOVE 'EM!

White too, important in the dark.....



I used Tortex for nearly 20 years before I discovered acetal picks.

Started with .50 and progressively went to thicker picks. I'm no shredder, more of a rhythm and riffs guy.


I keep plenty of picks of different thicknesses for kicks.

I usually wind up giving them away to people with the old crappy picks that split and break all the time.

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So what's the Fender Medium. I like em. Pretty colors.


That's all I use too. I never really thought about their thickness and I can't seem to find much on the web. This is all I could find but it's just a general definition. I think they may be 0.73 mm but I'm not 100% sure of that...

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