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Confused as to which Les Paul model my axe is!


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Hi Folks


In 2000 I bought a Gibson LP, and due to financial reasons I'm going to have to sell it. When I came to look around to see roughly how much it was worth, I couldn't seem to find any others like it, and was curious to see if anyone knows what model it is?


I'll post pictures shortly, but the main differences to any other Studio I have seen is that

1) the body is a lot thinner (which made me think it was a Lite) but

2) it came as new with Grover machineheads

3) the trapezoidal inlays are much smaller than those on the Lite

4 Its cherry red, which I don't think they ever did the Lite in.


When I looked at the serial number it was made in 1991 - and sold brand new in 2000 it seems strange that Gibson would have 9 years worth of stock floating about. I guess its possible that it was stuck in a warehouse somewhere?


If anyone has any information to help me work out exactly what model it is, and a rough valuation, it would be very much appreciated!


Kindest Regards


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Sorry, I made a mistake there, it was made in 1999. Serial number is 90619425, but I'm still a little perplexed by the different hardware etc. - any ideas?


Does anyone have any experience in dealing with Gibson direct? - I emailed them weeks ago regarding this but never got any information back.....

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It sounds like a Studio. They have played with the hardware configurations and size of the inlays on them through the years. They have also been slightly thinner than the Standard. Call or e-mail Gibson with the serial number and see if they can help you. We can't without pictures. To be made in 99 and sold as NOS in 01 is not weird or unusual. If it is a Studio, and has nothing special about it, i.e. a Plus top, then it should go for between $500-1000. The 1K being dead mint. $500-750 is a more likely range for a played guitar. But, you need to talk to Gibson and find out what it is.

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