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M-R GIBS on the national bulgarian radio


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Yesterday, the 24.05.2009 was a National Holiday in Bulgaria. Every year on 24.05 we selebrate the Day of the Cyrilic Alphabet and it's creators - St.St. Cyril & Methodius.

During a live show on the second program of the national bulgarian radio named "Hristo Botev" M-R GIBS has played 3 songs which I had the pleasure to sing.

The studio was wonderfull, the tech-team was brilliant and M-R GIBS was welcomed with a dued admiration.

When I get the soundtracks I'll post it here.

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I have no idea what the lyrics mean' date=' but I think the song is great.


Both you and MISTER GIBS did a great job![/quote']


I will try to translate the lyrics:



In the grown old park, beneath the unemployed trees

The unemployed poet passes and breathes

He throws some seed-grains in the fountain to the fishes

And in his water-eye he is drowning his pencils.


He sees a monument of bronze, he puts there a poetry book

So the seed-grain seller will have sheets of paper to pack the grains

Then he lies down on the bench and looks up in the leafs

The unemployed birds are sleeping with their heads under a wing.



He's taking off his coat, he peeps trough the sleeve

And he feels his hand unemployed and "birdy's"...

He is composing on his mind something very final

Something very unique, defenceless and destitute


And he is going down, going down, like a babe in a rucksack

In the middle of the park, in the middle of the page...

Only the eternal crow in the sky has a misgiving

That he will sing after time besides the bronze monument of that poet...


I made that song the day before in the late afternoon - that's why I sing in a faltering voice in different moments of the song. Now it sounds much better. Like you know - a song is like a painting. You just need time to finish it...

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