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Got my Les Paul aged!!


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This is my 2003 Les Paul standard flame top. Body, hardware, plastic, paint and sound got the special treatment, paint got a natural sun fade that tamed the bright cherry burst then got the razor to simulate checking, magnets got faded to a vintage lowered magnetism and the bobbins got unwounded to a specific reading from a original 1959 PAF, it just sounds just amazing and feels so vintage, cant stop playing it now!










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Looks fantastic! In fact, if she sounds half as good as she looks, it must be killer!!!!


Forgive my newbie ignorance, but who does this aging you're referring to, what does it cost, how long does it take, etc.?


Thanks and cheers!



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Great' date=' but i don't have 30 years to spare.8-[ [/quote']


Hay great If you wan't to spend your money to trash your guitar so you can pretend it's vintage more power to ya. Eye just don't get why you would want to.

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Eye did mine to but it took 30 years.









Damn, that's a sexy beast, Mick! Nothing better than a truly aged fine guitar like that!


As far as the aging process on the guitar that started this thread, with the exception of the color (which I like very much), it just looks very fake to me. The checking, in particular, looks to have been done with razor blades as oppose to having happened naturally. I have a 1965 Gibson LG-1 acoustic that has wonderful checking on the finish, but it was done the old fashioned way ... courtesy of Father Time.


Though, if you're happy w/it, and it sounds as good as you say, then what more can you ask for? Like I said, it really is a pretty color!

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got a goldtop also' date=' and when playing with my bracelet, the gold is severly damaged.... I don t know how long the paint is gonna last...[/quote']


The paint coming off of your LP should be the least of your concerns if you are in fact a man wearing bracelets (hahaha kidding around!). Actually, she probably looks pretty, huh? I think that goldtops tend to age the best ... they look very distinguished as they grow older. Would love to see some pics of her!

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Yup, she looks aged alright. It's just not for me however, that's the beauty of being who are. No one can say better about what we like or how we feel about anything other than ourselves. More power to you! Peace, keep on playing.

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Looks pretty good. The checking on the headstock is a bit much, to me, but the rest of it is very convincing.


As far as everyone else attacking you for doing that to your guitar, don't listen. You paid for it, you'll do whatever you want to the guitar. I couldn't do it, but I'm not against it. Shiny new guitars scare me a little bit. I'd rather have one that started in this condition.


This was a chemical which increased the break down of the properties; good luck on having paint in 5 years.
I believe the words "natural" and "sun," when used together, rule out the use of chemicals.
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I understand the ones that do not like an aged look, and that is totally ok with me as i have other guitars that i will never do that and like them as new looking as possible, but with strats, teles and gibsons i love them age and feel that i play them better with more passion feeling them broken in.


I would like to know from the ones that like it how much do you think it cost to do an over all job like the one done to mu LP.


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I'd like to know the details, too, for the sake of argument. It could very well be a chemical treatment, but the original post doesn't lead me to believe that.


I'm assuming the finish treated by some sort of high-power UV lamp, like a tanning bed. As for the hardware, I'm sure it was some sort of chemical.

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thats not the point I was making' date=' my point was long term aging process. It looks nice but like many here I would have rather waited and let it happen through years of playing in bars and etc.... When you do something drastic like this to any stain or paint it does advance the guitar to looking like a vintage guitar. But the aging process never stops. Whats the effect on the glues, whats left of the stain, the plastics? It looks to be a acid wash, and leaving a guitar in the sun for one day will not do this amount of 'aging' this is a chemical bath of some type.


What I would love to hear is the before and after with the pickups.[/quote']


I have the very first images of the guitar like new, i bought it on ebay from a great dealer for 1,200$. When i got it it was perfect and i left it like that for months, then i bought my second lp, an 1990 standard that was played to death in bars and has this amazing look and feel that only a guitar played 5 days a week for over 15 years can get and it smell like a bar too. Then i has hooked with the look of a vintage "like" Lp. You can see her here http://forums.gibson.com/Default.aspx?g=posts&t=14145


Now this 2003 LP feel and sounds a lot better then new, and think this is a good thin, no matter how you put it, i a great guitar can be made to feel better then thats great.


Here are the images from the auction i saw the day i bout the guitar in its original state.





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the aged look is great' date=' but DAMN dude let it happen naturally,



what happens when people say "whats that dent from?" and you dont have a funny story to tell them






Not a funny story, but story of courage and balls i got for doing it to a new les paul.

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i suppose, but with all those razorblade cuts, id think you just made that guitar's life a bit shorter


to each his own,



still, id let it happen naturally, how old are you? i assume you have a lot of life left, so why dont you let your guitar age with you

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