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puter problems


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Im using my daughters old laptop. I got a messege this morning ( on my computer ) asking me to

accept "explorer.exe"..... I never saw that before so I denied it....seems my whole system depends on it

and I cant get it back.....I guess I have to take it in! GRRRRRRR!


tips fellas?

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Explorer exe is a Virus/trojan/worm/spyware.


Your Fu%ked for Seeking out Porn.


Same as "My Doom"


My Doom Virus is easily removed and is only a Front for the real Problem.


Once infected it does slow down window's normal operation to a Crawl


and will even give-ya a problem Hooking up to the internet, but once you do get there


you get rid of the first Phase of it and this is where everyone is Fooled.


It does not really go a way. It takes much more to do that.


It attaches to a port and the sender of it can View your complete computer operations


from any remote terminal key stroke for Key stroke.


They can see everything just as if they were sitting in front of your computer.


An old but nasty one that's used for Identity theft/stealing Account #'s ect or used by


Wifes and Girlfriends to find out (remotely) what ch-a-doing.


Get rid of it and spend about fifty bucks on a Good Anti-Virus Program from office-MAX-DUDE

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Thanks guys.....I was told that "explorer.exe" is not a virus, it controls almost everything on the puter. It wont even let me do a system restore. A tech is going to call me and walk me through the process....I was told it could take two days for them to call me.


I do thank you guys for your advice.....I also noticed this is in the Les Paul section. I should have put it in the lounge....sorry guys.

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Actually, I think you are both right ... that explorer.exe is both a file for windows, as well as a virus that has been cloaked in that file name to trick unsuspecting users. How long has she had the computer? It could be a good time for you wipe the computer clean and just reinstall the operating system so you can start from scratch. Will eliminate all the viruses you have stored on there, and will greatly improve the performance of the laptop. A lot of times, those viruses will spin off in several different directions, so wiping it clean is really the only way to ensure you have bitten the bug back. Anyway, just food for thought ... but I'd definitely wipe it clean and start over.


Next time just go w/a Mac #-o

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