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1986 LP Studio Info needed


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I need some info on my 86 Studio. What fret board is on it. Ebony or Rosewood? It has dot inlays. Also

what pickups did they use back then and what turners came on it. It has grovers on it now. I bought this

from a guy who went with a SG because of weight so I didn't buy it new and don't know what came on it new.

I called Customer service and they didn't have any info on guitar before 87. Thanks for any help,



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Thanks Pru56


That is the info I was looking for. I had heard the older Studios came Ebony fret boards but could not find any info about it.

How about the tuners did they come out with Grovers also. The 490t pup would explain why there is so much difference in sound between the Studio and my SG Standard 2001. When did they change the Studio, Rosewood and 498 pup?



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Not sure about the tuners, mine say Gibson on them, I think yours dose too. They are relly good tuners. Rosewood and the 498's I think was started in the 2000 years when they started lighting them up with the chambering of the body. Too me the early one's are the best, they have the same spec's as the standards. The best pickups too. Here is some pic's of mine.





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Here is the response I got from Gibson .



Thanks for writing. Unfortunately, we don’t have the tuner specs in our records for this time period, but the fretboard would have been ebony. I’ve attached an early ad for you to take a look at. Thank you for the inquiry.



You would think they would have the info on the products that they sell but I guess not. They did even address

the type of pickups the Studio came with. In the ad they sent is say Alder for the wood. This is pretty sad.



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Hey Cwness: Yes I now about some of there CS people and the info they have on the older models. They donen't have much. For what I know the les paul was always mahogany, you can tell by the weight. Mahogany is a lot heaver then alder ( fender usa strat is alder). I have a old add from 1993 and it said Mahogany for the neck and body. I do know that my XRIII is that (Mahogany). The newer Les Pauls are chambered to be lighter then the older ones. But it could be alter and rosewood fret board. Seems some were made that way, I did not know that?

Sorry about that .

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Hi Pru56


I trust your info more then I do CS dept. I asked about the pickups in my Email and so from the reply nothing

about them. My tuners say Grover on them. I think it says alot about company that has no info on past products.

I thought I give it a shot because guitarist said I would get a quicker answer even though in my first post it states

I called them and got no info because they said they didn't have an on guitars earlier the 86. My studio is heavier

then my Standard so I would think it Mahogany and since it's Wine Red you can see where the Maple top is put on.

Thanks for you input and that is a nice Guitar you have I have the same case also. Mine Studio isn't as good a shape

as you because when I moved once in the Winter the EX thought she was doing me a favor by taking it out of the case

and can you say instant aging. That was 10 years ago and the results from opening it up back then keep showing up

each day. Any place where it had been bumped or hit the clear coat is starting to come off.



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  • 10 years later...

Hello everyone, my dad has always had a LP '86 studio dot inlays. Once in the room they used to practice, was damaged by the rain so the guitar was there, some guy offered a good deal for the restoration and went really bad, I was young at the time, today I got the guitar in my hands pretending to restore it.

The original Tuner for this one are Klusons if I'm not mistaken. This one has the one that says Gibson Deluxe "made in Germany". I'll start taking a lot of pictures today, as I restore it.

Hope to get a lot of help of the pros here.



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