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P-100 or P-90 ????


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thanks so much, i thought so. im looking into P-90's however i don't want anything freaky like "modern" high gain crap. i want something as close as possible to an original P-90. any suggestions?? dimarizo and duncan make some and someone sent me a link to lindy franlin pick ups, i never heard of them.

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Lindy Fralin is the recommendation I made.

Pleasure to do business with - answers his own phone.

Try THAT at Duncan or DiMarzio.


You can buy from a company that spends millions on advertising so you recognize the name, or you can buy from a company that makes customers happy and gets business the old-fashioned way - by word of mouth.


I sent a pickup back to him for wax potting once, he charged me $10 total - shipping and all.

I put extra cash in the box to cover it, he shipped the cash back in the same box.


You guys do what you want.

Just sayin'....




You want service?

Lindy is your man.



You wanna just buy whatever is cheapest and hope you like it?

Throw a dart at your computer screen.

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thanks for all the replys. i agree with you NeoConman about service, and how important it is, back in the '80's i put some Sperzil locking machine heads on a strat. yes, i fell for the crap about slipping, however i called the number for Sperzil and some chick answered the phone, i asked for someone in customer service then she hollered "DAD!!" then Bob Sperzil gets on the phone. i asked if he was at work in the "factory" he said **** no, im in my kitchen. very cool. i'm going to call Fralin to tell him what i want also there is a store near by that has them. that TV special is gorgeous.

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