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i have such bad gasssssss...any help?

mr newhaven

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i want an all Rosewood TELE!

i know they reissued them in 07 but i missed the train on it and now they are astronomical in price!!!!!


I heard some good things about the CIJ/MIJ teles...and wanted to know a couple of things...i see some of you out here have more than one!


first and foremost...what is difference between CIJ/MIJ?

i know it involves production years...but my question is which is more likely to be the basswood/rosewood veneer and which is the real deal?


im not throwing down my hard earned loot that i was gonna spend on a gibson firebird for no veneer!


i want the solid rosewood with the maple sandwiched in between!


do they exist in the CIJ/MIJ line? or is that american only?


my other question is how do i tell?


i know weight is an immediate giveaway...the heavier the better...but what else can i look for to determine if this is all rosewood or just veneer?

some people say the veneer tele's have black painted neck and back...is that it? thats a pretty easy spot!


the reason i ask is a friend of mine came into contact with a japanese tele in rhode island...the rosewood kind...at least in looks...and i was wondering whether or not i should drive out there to check it out AND BUY this weekend!?


it has an aftermarket bigsby installed but its the cool one with the Fender "F" instead of the "Bigsby" written on it...he sent me a couple of pics but his camera phone sucks and it could be a burgandy regular tele for all i know...


some of the identifying features are as follows...

it has a maple plug where the truss rod cover is...and possibly a maple skunk stripe on the back of the neck...he said it was heavy as hell so thats a good sign that its rosewood but sometimes i hear that the bigsby adds a lot of weight to the guitar...


i havent figured out yet if its a CIJ/MIJ...but if that info is crucial in diagnosing id be more than happy to find out!


and pretty much thats all i got...


any info you guys could give would be great!

its so hard finding rosewood owners anywhere...ive been looking for a year myself for this guitar...so before i pull the trigger i want all the info i can get!


illl post pics if i buy but please help before that!


thanks again guys!

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MIJ means Made in Japan.


Hope that helps



Actually' date=' I am not sure what you are asking.






im looking to buy an ALL ROSEWOOD TELECASTER...like the one Harrison Played...


the one at the shop in Rhode Island that i'm gonna check out has a MIJ or a CIJ...im not sure yet which


i know that the Japanese Reissued these guitars and from what i hear they are excellent...

the problem is i think the CIJ used Rosewood veneer over basswood instead of the actual thing...


i didnt want to plunk down my loot on a veneer guitar so before i check it out and fall in love i needed some advice as to what differentiated the two models in terms of materials...

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Eye had some strats from the early 80's from Japan there playability was great. Electronics well Eye swapped them out quick. They were Basswood. Eye have yet to find another strat other than a '70 mocha that had that same feeling neck.

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Keeping the good name of the old forum... where folks could ask pretty much anything and get a correct answer:



"According to a Fender representative it was in the Fender Japan contract that if there was a change of manufacturer from FujiGen Gakki to another guitar factory then the logo would be changed from MIJ ("Made in Japan") to CIJ ("Crafted in Japan"). "










Good Luck! I have found that retail therapy is the only cure for GAS.

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i know they reissued them in 07 but i missed the train on it and now they are astronomical in price!!!!!

I don't know what they cost. Can you afford one? I say if you can, get it. Buy what makes you happy.

I've posted what I paid for my 50th R9. It wasn't cheap...

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I don't know what they cost. Can you afford one? I say if you can' date=' get it. Buy what makes you happy.

I've posted what I paid for my 50th R9. It wasn't cheap...[/quote']



they are roughly 4-6k...


i can swing it just itll be a little tough...i'd rather take that look and get the McCartney signed texan im infatuated with...


i have an acoustic fund started...but this is disposable money i saved initially to get a Gibson Firebird...but this tele just came up and ive wanted one for over a year and never saw an attainable model...


so this is random and out of the blue...but i look at it as a sign!



if i dont like the tele i am still gonna get the firebird...but i want the tele and i want it to be great!


if i try it out and its just...eh...then ill have a new thread on monday with a firebird for all to lust after!



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This site are a Uk shop that, like me, are fans of Japanese built Fender Guitars



You may get the answers you are looking for there.


On three occasions I went out to buy a USA Fender and came back with a Japanese one. Since then I have played many Fenders (Japanese and American through my job) and I cannot speak highly enough of CIJ and MIJ Fenders.



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The first Rosewood Telecaster was a gift to Beatle George Harrison for use in the movie Let It Be. Rossmeisl and Phillip Kubicki (employed by Fender at the time) made two prototypes and chose the best for Harrison. The guitar body was made with a thin layer of maple sandwiched between a solid rosewood back and top. The rosewood neck had a separate rosewood fingerboard glued on. The whole guitar had a special satin polyurethane finish (for more info read Beatles Gear by Andy Babiuk)...there are a couple of DVDs available if you’d like to see and hear Rosewood Teles in action. The first is Let It Be showing the Beatles recording and playing live. The second is Respect Yourself: The Stax Records Story. Respect Yourself includes footage of Booker T. and the MGs playing live in 1970. Steve Cropper wields a beautiful Rosewood Tele while wearing a matching brown corduroy suit.


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