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I can't believe it! (Another EVH/sellout thread)


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Let me ad one last thing...


I hate that stripped down, beaten the hell out off, insanely expensive guitar. I really do. The wolfgang was a cool little guitar (too small for me so I sold mine), it sounded great and you could tell it was worth its price by just looking at her.


And all that merch painted with his guitar's motives (chaotic, meaningless, irrelevant stripes) is getting really old really fast... don't you hate it when that happens? (and not only with EVH, a while ago you could even get ZW bullseye peanut butter n2 jelly sandwiches for fu-ks sake!)

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What is so bad about making a little money off of merchandise. As for the Frankenstein replica' date=' They were only really targeting rich non-guitar playing collectors so thats no skin off my back. I say more power to him.[/quote']

Indeed...acutal...i heard its one of the best sounding guitar ever...hmm..mabye its good?

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I only discovered the sneakers when I hit the VH webpage to see if they had done a new CD with DLR. I thought last years on again/off again tour was a "success" and it was a natural thing, to do a new CD. All I saw was sneakers, no mention of a project. Maybe I missed something.


While I'm not a big fan, I do like checking out whatever Eddie does, because he'll sometimes have some interesting structure in his music. "Me Wise Magic" was a well written tune, I thought, musically.


I still think a musician drops down a few notches, when he sell sneakers. But heck, look at KISS.


They'll sell ANYTHING.......

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I kinda like the straps.


Glad this came up.


I'm buying something.






Buy the guitar, AXE.


It's sure to be collectable someday.


It's an "investment".....



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I was a little disappointing in CNS&Y when i went to their concert to find the old surplus looking BDU's that Neil Young was wearing on sale for something like $150, and Steven Still's Hawaiian Shirt for $70. What wrong with $25 T-s and $5 keychains.


I got a *****en Barracuda Coffee Mug and a T-Shirt for around $35 at the Heart Concert this last Feb. Not to mention the Great Show they put on, and the new Album Ann Wilson just Put out. That's the way Musicians with a little integrity do it.


Take Brian May, he put out a Line of His guitars that finally live up to his own Red Special's standards for a working musicians price. He does a tour with Paul Rogers and instead using it as a chance to cash in on the old stuff one more time, they put out a Great studio Album after the tour. That's the way Musicians Do it.


Kiss and EVH.....that's the way they washed up clowns do it.

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