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Finally found my guitar setup!

Slick Joe

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Ok, so I have probably spent 6 trips in guitar center trying to find my tone and I think I finally found it. To start off, I have a Les Paul Studio Plus (desertburst) loaded with active EMG's. I first got a Bogner Alchemist with the matching cab. However, the crunch channel was weak and the more gainy channel was incredibly one dimensional and kinda dull, and MAN was it noisy! Feedback and hiss galore. I took it back and bought a Mesa Dual Rectifier with the Mesa 2X12 rectocab loaded with V30's. This thing had even WORSE hiss and feedback, and though it had many sounds to it, I felt that the vintage and raw channels on both the Lead and Crunch channels were basically useless. Plus, I couldnt get the clean channel loud at all w/o it breaking up. I then traded that for an Egnator Tourmaster 4100 but kept the Mesa cab, but the distortion was not thick at all on the amp. At least it was quiet. Finally, I tried a used Marshall JCM 2000 TSL 100 collecting dust in the corner of the store and I fell in love immediately. It has such a warm and thick load channel, and the crunch channel can even melt your face off. the clean is warm and beautiful can get LOUD before breaking up. REALLY loud at that. And it sounds great with my CE-5. I took it home and plugged it into the rectocab and I think I finally found my setup :D Solos are so warm and organic and, man, just beautiful. I'm gonna change the tubes real soon on it though.

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