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A first recording set-up...


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I'm sure your looking for more specifics but here is a quick answer. One of my favorite setups was when I hand wire several parts of walkmen and jam boxes together to make my own multitrack recorder. Oh it sucked big time, especially after 2 or 3 generations of recording but somehow it drove me to push my playing in similar 'uncharted' ways. So I must have an element of "try plugging the output into the input... and hit record fast!" available but no so rampant as to disrupt needed proceedings.

Another of my favorite setups was an old Fostex 4 track setup in a small back room of my house. I could walk in, turn on my amp and the 4 track and lay down tracks in a matter of seconds. I now have shoe boxes full of a million and one killer snippets and ideas that would have otherwise been lost forever. So my second requirement would be to have an element of immediate readiness so if I'm not already laying down tracks, I can switch to it without interrupting whatever magical flow I happen to have found myself in.

As for gear, today's answer is tomorrows memory. The capabilities of the meager gear I have accumulated in my life thus far are light years technically and affordability versus what was available 30, 40, or 50 years ago. Yeah, they try to pull some quadrophonic, 5.1, whatever the hell crap on us every once in a while but if I can't do it with what I've got now, I really have no excuse. (How about a round room you suspend yourself in that is walled with speakers? 360.1? Happy mixing..)


Oh, and I want a board with flying faders, of course. :)

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