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Look at this LP...


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Hi, i said in this thread that i would start this one.


I found this les paul on Musician's Friend, and it's either a great deal, or a price mistake. Anyway, i want to jump on it. Do you guys know anything about gibson making an LP like this in the past, or if this could be a rarity, (like a one in a billion limited edition, kind of thing)?


lovin' that lemonburst....

:- =P~ =P~ =P~ =P~


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It's not unusual for Musicians"Friend" to blow out last year's stock, particularly if they only have a few colors left. Buy it. Or try, anyway. You're better off doing it by phone so someone can promise you that they actually have guitars left in stock to sell you. Last year there were a few disappointed buyers on this forum.

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I'm a tad confused' date=' but if you're talking about the '60 VOS Plaintop in the link - GET IT!!


I have that exact one and it's the best guitar I have EVER played.






All Right. I'll get on the phone with them, and see if they can put it on layaway for me.

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