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Truss rod wrench. Les Paul Classic.


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You should use an Imperial sized nut driver (not metric). 5/16 inch is the size. Make sure the socket is thin-walled so it will fit in the access slot under the trussrod cover.


Nut drivers are handy since the socket is permanently assembled to a screwdriver handle. You can't lose anything, and nothing will fall loose and drop on your guitar's finish.


You can use a socket set as well; an extension and a t-handle are a nice way to go since it gets the handle out of the wayup past the tuners and you can easily see from the t-handle how far you have moved the trussrod nut.


Stew Mac used to have pre-made t-handle nut drivers which are great. Now you'd have to go to allparts or luthier's mercantile international for that tool. But first I'd try the hardware store or wherever you buy tools, and see if they have open-stock nutdrivers so you don't have to buy the whole set.


Actually the last resort would be those little "pocket wrenches" that Gibson used to put in the case. Looks like a little pipe (so I'm told...). Now Gibson customer service told me to go to Stew Mac to get one (theirs are chrome instead of black). Gibson's used to have a small screwdriver on the end of the handle for loosening the trussrod cover screws; the Stew Mac ones don't. The problem with these is that the strings get in the way of the little handle.


Just for laughs, make a mark with a pencil or marker on the nut so you have an idea how far the nut has been adjusted season to season.


Nice axe you have there.

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