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Custom J200 Pics - Almost Finished

John Lee Walker

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The finished product...my personalized, customized Gibson SJ200 Modern Classic, The John Lee Walker Signature Model:)















Back of headstock...















Waverly gold engraved tuners w/contrasting nickel hex bushings (Stew-Mac)


Gibson Custom Shop and Flowerpot decals on back of headstock (sentimental, compliments of Sparky)


MOP dot inlays on both sides of bridge pins (Sparky)


Fossilized Walrus ivory bridge pins w/abalone inlay (Colosi)


Fossilized Walrus ivory saddle (Colosi)


Custom iBeam/iMix HotDot transducer crossover preamp system (Sparky)


J160 electronic configuration on front with 2nd PU volume and tone blend, dome knobs (Jamon Zeiller)


Vintage leather braided strap made from aged Amish harness leather (Sully)


14th fret custom silk-screen inlay wing design (Sparky)


Custom truss rod cover


Gold strap button


On Order: Nichols ebony wood pickguard with MOP border inlay



Hope the pics came thru okay, thanks to LiveSoundGuy for the tutorial:)


Replacing the pickguard (soon to arrive) and she will be finished.


Hope you like:))


Will post fresh pics once the p/g is installed...

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Man o Man John Lee.... That has to be the nicest looking SJ200 I have ever seen!


When will Gibson have the "John Lee Walker" regular version, True Vintage and Custom shop models available? lol..........


I really love those tuners...... I think my AJ would look good in a set!


Enjoy it MUCHO! :-s

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Well, there you are John Lee, you old rascal. You don't call, you don't write, then you come bounding in with those pictures making us all drool!! You're a ba-a-a-d man! That's a right handsome beast you've got there son. Beautiful. I'd like more information on that pickguard you're getting. Great looking axe!!

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Hey thanks for the nice comments, folks:) She's a beyoot ain't she?


TW, pickguard from Nichols - http://www.nicholsguitars.com/pickguards.html - he does gorgeous work with exotic woods. Mine will be the satin-finish black/ebony with a MOP border inlay. Can't wait:)


Karen, forgot to include the strap in the pics lol sorry. Will take a couple of more pics soon and show ya. Sully makes awesome straps. Fits her like a glove:)


And, the custom wire job turned out awesome. The sound is incredible amped. Best dang guitar I've ever owned:)

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TW, yep exact shape. I had called Gibson customer service and complained about the original p/g and they sent a replacement. Bill Nichols asks for a tracing of your pickguard so the specs will be the same and I just sent him the replacement p/g to work with. Will be the same size and shape, thin ebony wood with a satin finish. Very handsome pickguard. Yes, I'll send pics! :))

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