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Les Paul Custom opinions sought


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Sorry if this has been covered before but I am more into semi hollows and Strats but I am looking at purchasing an Ebony Les Paul Custom.


I am looking for opinions on this axe.


From what I understand this is a remake of a 1957 Les Paul??????????? Yes or no????


Wondering why I would need to spend more to buy a Historic Reissue. eg 1959 Historic


What would I gain except a different colour selection and an empty bank account?


I welcome all opinions from regular LP players and owners.

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Two types of Customs - modern and historic.

So, the '54 & '57 Customs are historic reissues.

If you're new to LPs, you can tell if it's a reissue by the serial number.

Modern Customs have a serial number that begins with CS.

Historics have a five or six digit s/n. Either X XXXX or XXXXXX.


The modern Custom has (9) weight-relief holes, short neck tenon & a maple top.

The historic Custom has no weight relief (it's completely solid), long neck tenon & a mahogany top.

There are many other differences, such as the bridge, frets, neck thickness, electronics and then things like plastics, etc,. but I've listed the major differences. There's also the '68 Custom. Same as the '57 Custom but with a maple top and different pickups.


If you don't know what weight-relief is, click on the "Les Paul Body Construction" in my signature.


Do you need to spend more for a reissue? Well, that's entirely up to you. The best thing to do is play them side by side and see for yourself. The mahogany top on the '54 & '57 will give the guitar a warmer (some say muddier) tone. The ones I've played were not muddy. How is availability is in Australia?


Since you're looking for opinions, mine would be to skip the modern Custom entirely. I have one and I wish it was a historic. I have five historic Standards (no customs yet) and they're all superior to the Custom and every other modern Custom I've played. To me, the historics are worth every penny but they're not all equal. I've played many that I wouldn't buy. They're very expensive, no doubt but then again, so are the modern Customs. If you've already decided to commit that much money into a guitar you should also consider spending that bit extra.

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i have a historic R7 Custom with 3 p/u and the Bigsby- it is a monster! and i love it.

it is heavy (close to 12 pounds!) and it roars like a dragon.

besides that, it is so damn sexy and beautiful that women practically tear their clothes off when they see it.

=P~ (we are still talking about the guitar right?)



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^ Nice! 12 lbs' date=' holy crap! What's it weight without the Bigsby?[/quote']


Hi Are Nine


I know you are a great man to ask with these things, but how come my Les Paul Customised Studio is 11 and and half pounds? It is from 2004 and supposedly weight releved.



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Just a heavy piece of wood, I suppose. Wood does vary. I'm a reissue wh*re...obviously, you know that. My '07 R9, '08 R6 & '08 R8 are all identical guitars and all have solid backs. Only difference is the R6 has P-90s. The R6 & R8 are in the 9.0 - 9.5 lb range. The R9 is 8.2 lbs. It's quite a difference playing the R9 after one of the other two. Actually, the R9 is almost as light as my chambered R8.


Yours is weight-relieved. I'm not sure exactly how much weight the swiss cheese holes take off but it can't me more than a pound or two. Norlin era Customs weighed as much as 13 - 15 lbs. Those were solid and as you can see, heavy as sin; so, add swiss cheese holes to shave a few pounds off and you end up with an 11 lb guitar.

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can someone tell me that R8' date=' R9 R(a number) means? Also, what does IMHO mean? I new to this, but not that new...



It's the year...


R8 = Reissue 1958

R9 = Reissue 1959


IMHO = In My Honest Opinion, or In My Humble Opinion - Forum abbreviations.


BTW.. I have a Custom and LOVE IT!

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Cheers Are Nine, You are a good man to know. I am having a Classical Guitar built for me at the moment, but maybe for my 40th in seven years I can get a super dooper Les Paul!


Silverbursted .


I love the look of the Johnny A!!!! It is beautiful!


I became a fan of him a few years back when he was supporting Joe Satriani (my wife is a huge Satch fan) His set was so good I didn't care if Satch cancelled, it was worth every penny for 45 minutes of Johnny A!!!



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I went searching to find something better than my custom... only to find nothing comes close, yes it's heavy, a wide padded leather strap sure did help, I have a couple of new toys, and the 61 re issue SG, love the neck, very close if not the same as my les paul custom (1976), but it doesn't quite sound as nice. I love an SG, my first gibson was an SG, but like I said...nothing comes close to my paul.




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