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Favorite Beatles Song?


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Given that I'm even older than cruzinoldfart (probably spelled that incorrectly), the Beatles basically arrived in the US while I was totally immersed in folkie stuff and wasn't interested.


Then in the magic summer of '65 my girlfriend informed me I was taking her to "Help."


"Nope," I said.


.... To make a long story short, she did have a way about her and we went. <grin> So since I was playing 12 string a lot at the time, "Hide your love away" seemed the best of the bunch.


Now? I dunno. I ended up moving away and playing in a rock band and just listening to the stuff I was supposed to be playing rather than stuff I necessarily wanted to hear which tended then as now to be swing, baroque and folkie-cowboyish stuff.


Nope, we didn't do Beatle stuff. Harder stuff in terms of sound.


Oops... thunderstorm. Best sign off.



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Eleanor Rigby was always a favorite. I'm also quite fond of "Golden Slumbers" and "While My Guitar Gently Weeps."


Used to rock the baby to sleep with Golden Slumbers on occasion. When we weren't sitting at the piano playing "Tiny Dancer" or "Dream On."

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Far too many to list....


A day in the life to this day' date=' still makes me misty.[/quote']


I agree, I couldn't pick one without changing my mind right after.


Though there has always been something about John's vocals in "A day in the life" which invokes emotion.

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