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Hi folks, I really need to get a good grumble off my chest.


My robot SG worked for 3 weeks, then a tuner packed up. I took it back to the shop (Guitar Guitar in Newcastle) and they sent it to Holland for repairs.


I heard nothing for 4 weeks. Today I rang up for an update - they couldn't give me one other than to say it had definitely been received at the repair centre. Five minutes later another guy from the same shop rang me to say it was back and was fixed, and had been back for a few days. I asked what had been found fault-wise, and they don't have a clue - there's no report on it.


What a load of rubbish. For all I know the guitar is still faulty and happened to work by being joggled around in transit.


I've spent £1299 on a guitar that I don't trust to gig with (I need altered tunings), and I bought it at a shop that didn't even bother to ring me when it came back from repair.


I am so deeply unimpressed - I just wish I'd bought a normal SG standard and saved some cash.


I've read a few other threads about faulty tuners - it seems all too easy for guitars to be mishandled by potential customers or clumsy sales staff, then the real buyer comes along and buys it and its already on its last legs. Its really not acceptable. If I could swap mine for £1299 I would do it in a heartbeat.

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I feel your pain dude. As far as trusting it, you can still tune by pulling the tuner out and doing it manually on that string (see owners manual) but give it a shot. May have been a bad one, but others have had their tuners do hundreds if not thousands of tunings.


If you bought a regular, you would have to manually tune, at least now there is a chance it will do it for you.


If the problem still persists, make sure the guitar didn't sit in the shop the whole time and never was sent out. If it did get sent and returned, that's just shitty customer service by the shop, and a lesson to be pro-active and hound the shop in the future.


Good luck

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You have been treated very disrespectfully and I genuinely feel for you.


I can re assure you though that knock on wood, since Dec 2007 I have used my Robot for teaching and gigs and it is 100 percent reliable.


Good luck and please keep us posted.



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It's back - and it works!


I feel all the misery draining out of my body now that I'm playing it again. I am still stunned by the lack of any work report or diagnostic sheet though.


I can't tell whether or not the tuner has been replaced (the old one looked new) but I can see that it's all re-strung and it's action has been set back to the (slightly high) original setting. I guess it's high to minimise the risk of fret-buzz causing a short during tuning operations. I'm going to lower it again though - I play fingerstyle and I'm quite light on the strings - even when tuning.


Thanks for the sympathy dudes. I'm back in business. Hurrah!



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