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2002 faded SG or Explorer with cresent moon inlay...


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The moon inlays were only available the first year or two' date=' and also came with an ebony fingerboard.[/quote']




I think they were discontinued in 2003 or something. They had the same specs as the SG Special Faded and the Flying V Faded. Just the fingerboard and the inlays were different.


One love

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Found one for sale on Atlanta Craigslist.....too bad i would have to drive FOREVER to get it....... [sad]




Where are you located?


Here is a flying V in Canada with the moon inlays



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I spotted one of the Faded SG's at a pawn shop in my hometown (Greeneville TN) last week for $999.99 It was in TERRIBLE shape. Intonation was WAY out. neck was bowed. action was TERRIBLE. From what the store owner told me, it was a 83 model (did they even make it in 83??)

Just thought i would pass this info along!!

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I have a 2003 SG Faded with the ebony fretboard and the crecent moon inlays. They made the moon inlays from 2001 - 2003 only for the faded line from what I understand. They could come on any faded model those years. But they seem to be semi rare. I have heard complaints of finish problems and warping problems also, but mine is perfect. Its the mahogany brown faded. I think the only thing I would like to change on it would be the stock bridge pickup, it sounds clear enough, but not quite as hot as I would like it. After getting my 1981 Sonex 180 custom back with the original zebra dirty fingers pickups and the coil tap, My SG just don't sound as good as it used to LOL! As for the finish problems, It's my belief that people are using furniture polishes on them instead of guitar cleaner, and that is what is lifting the finish. You wouldnt use lemon pledge on your high gloss quilt top, so dont use it on the faded, it just looks like a normal stain, but it is the same finish they use on any other guitar, and some chemicals will react with it. Here a pic.


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