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Kyle Busch/ Rockstar; I don't think so..........

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The other day I watched Pearl Jam performing a tribute to The Who. And true to Pete Townsend form guitarist Mike McCready threw his beautiful LP 10 feet into the air and let in smash on the stage floor snapping the head stock clean off. The roadie stared at the LP in disbelief as did I. I do think he is a brilliant guitarist, but I just don’t view him with awe as I once did. :-


With the precious guitars that we common folk worked so hard for.....Play On!

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Jimi burned his guitar at Monterrey because he was behind two hits of Owsley. Townsend did it because he was a frilly-shirted pansy who was trying to be a big shot. The rest of them do it because they are extremely stupid.


Count me in the club that really disrespects those clowns.

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There is a difference between a rich musician breaking equipment that they PAID FOR and a dip wad who trashes a one of a kind FREE trophy. Giving "pieces" to his crew is BS. Why not break that Nationwide trophy up and give them that? Kyle just wants to draw attention to himself and not give anything to anyone. I like nascar, but KB is the most hated driver in the sport. Now all you guys know why.

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I watched the video for the first time last night, then I had to watch it again, just to make sure I saw what I thought I saw. And I did.

Okay the guy is a complete moron, in fact I have so many words that can describe his action, but my post would be far too long. I wonder if he even gets it, what he did that is. And there is rumor that he asked the guy that painted it if he would care if he trashed the guitar - now that is a lame a$$ excuse. And that is supposed to make it okay.


He's one guy that deserves to hit the wall HARD! ! ! JackA$$ P.O.S.

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