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3rd World morals compared to U.S.


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Strange topic in some ways kind of a good overview of the forum members beliefs and probably the worlds...


I can't believe I'm gonna join in on a political or morality thread like this I usually avoid these like the plague but here goes.


Teachers like any other group of professionals are and should be made up of all kinds of people, as long as they are dedicated and caring professionals why should it matter if they have tattoos or piercing or how they dress or if they have a accent or if they happen to be gay or any other segment of todays society that should be acceptable.


I'm more worried about the intolerance and violence in our society than I am nudity or tattoo's or anything else our children might see in their daily lives we live in a world where god forbid you see a woman's breast or a artistic tattoo or a piercing yet a child can come home and spend three hours playing a video game where you cut off aliens or other humans heads with a chainsaw and that's entertainment.


A tattoo or a piercing doesn't mean someone has lower morals than you, it means they chose to do something to decorate their own body that harms no one else in any way. I would argue that this is the problem with society need to judge others and the puritanical thoughts so many of us have that somehow different means bad.


Morality isn't catching like a cold, it's learned behavior a tattoo or a piercing or even style of dress it's beliefs that are learned at home from parents, friends and family so rather than try to judge the rest of society teach your child your beliefs just don't screw other peoples kids up thinking your the only one that's got the right answer.



Just for the record - Yes I have tattoos both shoulders, upper arms and a good part of my back

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I have tattoos both shoulders' date=' upper arms and a good part of my back [/quote']

Does your mother?

Did your teachers when you were in elementary school?


Seriously, I have ABSOLUTELY no problem with adults choosing whatever they want to decorate their body with.

However, ignoring the fact that not everybody accepts them gleefully is foolish.


Nothing wrong with men getting tattoos, but displaying them by wearing a wife-beater t-shirt at work is a no-no in most vocational pursuits. Try getting a sales job....

All I'm saying is that professionalism being tossed out the window isn't a universal belief.


Getting tats and piercings demonstrates your judgment in action.

If you're hired and paid to exercise your judgment, don't be offended when your new boss gives you a critical once-over...


I've had to listen to bosses give me sh!t for LONG HAIR for 30 years, though it was never past my shoulders.

I thought we were WAY past that.....



A good friend of mine works for a national tire chain as a manager - very smart guy.

10 years ago he shaved his head and trimmed his beard into a goatee, looked evil as hell though he's not.


His boss called him into the office the first morning and said simply;

"You had hair when I hired you, get it? You're scaring the customers."


He readily admitted to getting some "looks" from the customers - women and children would look away...



He could have gotten mad, quit, sued, whatever....

He shaved the pirate goatee and grew his hair back to a normal cut.

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Potassium' date=' I've seen it first hand.


Administrators have no spine and teachers walk the plank.


You can dismiss all you've ever read from me, but believe this;

The Superintendent of a couple districts here have had extensive conversations with me.

I've been in Tom Horne's office in the AZ state system, trying to get an audience with him twice.




Though we agree in principle on many things (so his publicity states) he is a spineless twerp.


My wife teaches in the Alhambra district and several of their principles won't speak to me.


[b']They all talk about what we should do, but NOBODY WILL DO IT!!!![/b]


Being a teacher is a daunting experience. The idea that kids will do what they're told is, unfortunately, a thing of the past. I love my job, no doubt. Honestly, I spend most of my time working with the kids. But when the kids leave, the BS begins...endless paperwork, meetings, "professional" development. Some of it is good; a lot of it is garbage.

When I was growing up, if I, say, got a detention, that was not nearly as bad as what I got when my parents found out. Those days are gone, unfortunately. Often times, a parent will call me and blame it on ME!

No excuse for teachers using poor grammar/spelling, and sending out documentation demonstrating such. I wouldn't get bent out of shape over an error or two in an email you receive - we're human, after all - but consistently doing that really sets a bad example.

Many administrators are good, but the higher you get up the chain of command, the more political it becomes, and thus, the less spine you'll see.

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I help out my son's teachers when I can, for many reasons, first of which is so that I can get a sense of what predjudices that teacher may bring to his/her teaching. I want my son taught facts, not given opinions.


This leads to this: His kindergarten teacher was a very attractive woman. Last year, on May day, I was helping out on the field with his current teacher. His Kgarten teacher comes out and asks for my help. She was wearing short shorts, a tank top that didn't cover her midriff, and you could see the top of her thong!


Now, as a man, I must admit it was tittilating, however, as a father who has a 7 year old son who asks a lot of questions about girls and such, I was appalled. It is hard enough to teach my son how to respect women in today's society when they are being influenced by women who want to be objectified in his school.


And we wonder why boys don't respect girls, or why girls don't respect themselves nowadays.

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