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please read this everyone please i need help bad...................................

curtis adkins

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hello im curtis adkins jr and im tryin to get gibson to finally help me get my jimmy page sunburst i have begged since 1996 4 help i have e mailed wrote letters even called but still no help gibson guitars is a billion dollar corp a year and they wont help one person live his dream see i dnt even have or own a guitar wow well i started playin around the age of 7 8 or 9 and my daddy showed me the song remains the same wow i waz hooked on gibson the look the tone the guitar waz jimmy page's 1959 les paul sunburst his # 1 guitar i fell in love with that guitar the finish the sound the look those paf 's well wow they sounded so good to me my daddy said son u will have one of those guitars by the way i played music with my dad in every bar you can name in akron ohio i alway's had to use my daddy's fender eeeeeewwwwwwwwwww lol me and my dad had many bands i have went solo 4 the last year and some odd month's well cuz my daddy is gone he is passed on at 51 yrs old my daddy never got to see me with my 2004 jimmy page sunburst and at his fun i called gibson costumer service and the guy who picked up the phone seemed nice and i asked for help he told me it is not gibson's prob well yall i never got to play my own daddy's memorial im soooooooooooooo heartbroke i have begged till im blue in the face with no help it is the most hurtful thing ever cuz i still to this day stand with gibson guitars and all who work there yall r like fam my buddy rheam who worked at gibson used to talk to me every night he would give me stats new gear that waz hush hush that is the heart of gibson ppl like that man a true friend i have wrote henry j. ( the pres of gibson ) so many times since 1996 guess what not one letter or e mail ever got back from them all i know is i can play like crazy and well i need help gibson soooooooo bad bad i have 2 kid's no job / i live with my mom / i have no car/ no house of my own / no wife / no daddy and no guitar please please please will yall please finally send me my jimmy page sunburst #1 les paul please please or even if you have a les paul that needs put together i will give my all please gibson guitars help me please ur friend and family curtis l adkins jr

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Huh? Are you serious?


Save up like the rest of us.


I also wanted a LP since I was a kid. Guess what I didn't buy my first one until I was 40. Couldn't justify the expense before then.



Amen to that. I still remember the small LP white keychain I bought for myself when i was 12 knowing that one day I will own a real one. That happened 20 years later. Sorry to hear that your life is hard, but just remember there is always someone out there that has a harder life than you.


Not to be mean, but an education can go a long way. Try going back to school, like alot of people who have been laid off and without a job.



1. For you kids

2. To Further yourself

3. To buy a house for your kids

4. To show ur stable enough to find a good mom for your kids

5. To make ur momma proud

6. To buy your Jimmy Page 59 LP.


Did I miss anything?

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Yup, It took me 20+ years to get my first Les Paul and I had to trade in a good guitar to get it. Why do you think Gibson should just hand over a classic guitar to you free of charge? Are you a rock star? or someone famous that would promote their brand name?


As others have said, there are many people a lot worse off than you, and all they want is their next meal or a place to sleep.


Get on your feet, get a job and stop degrading yourself...

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You have to know this sounds like a new twist on the infamous Nigerian scam. Especially with the broken English and bad grammer.


You mentioned what you don't have, but you obviously have access to a computer, so spend your time finding a job and supporting your kids. I know it sucks and jobs are hard to find, but if you had a kid or two, you're dreams are done and you need to work your *** off to make sure you're kids can live out theirs. If you don't get that, you don't deserve to have kids and should keep it in your pants.

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