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I inherited the bass from my uncle yesterday. Amazing bass, but there are a few things I need ( I would prefer to get vintage original parts, but I suppose I will take what I can get). Perhaps you could recommend somebody?

I Need:

Tone Selector Knob (the strange shaped angled one)

Bridge "ashtray" cover

Pickup selector knob (white tear drop shape..this isn't a problem to find as I have discovered)

Input Jack and Jack plate ( not that it really matters, but I am unsure of the original color etc of jack plate, but it WAS plastic)

I am unsure what to call this next little piece but here it goes: The small, circular, removable piece on the back of the machine head..do you know what I mean? They would open it up and pack it with lubricant for the gear.

If there is anyone who knows anything about where I can find some or all of this stuff, please let me know!

Thank you!


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