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Professional guitar appraisal?s


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I was wondering about guitar appraisal?s and if the guys who do them. Do they usually low-ball the value or over-estimate the value depending on the best interest of their business or their industry. Also what is your guys' experience the Gruhn Guitars appraisals (low-ball, too-much, just right)?

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that's cool, I'm glad to here it. I just got a 1934 Gibson L-00 acoustic appraised at $3850 and I was just wondering if appraisers naturally low-ball estimate or inflate them? I'm assuming since Mr. Gruhn has no involvement my guitar transaction that he will be unbiased and give a proper estimate of what I could sell it for. Not that I'm planning on selling though. I've heard of some appaisers give false appraisals to benefit them but I assume Gruhn is "above" this, no?

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buy a Price Guide or Bluebook for Vintage Guitars. they're not always accurate on every guitar but most of the time its close or right on on the the value. at least you have an idea on the value of the guitar.


BTW, on my 2007 VG Price Guide, a Gibson L-00(1932-1946) is valued at a low of $3000 to a high of $4000. so the appraisal is within the range.

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Since you're in Jersey, Mandolin Brothers (on Staten island) is right up there with Gruhn's as far as reputation and integrity. Plus, owner Stan Jay is one of the nicest and funniest guys you'll ever talk to in the guitar biz.




A quote from their website;


Widely known as one of the largest dealers in the world of vintage and new American fretted instruments, we are frequently recommended by Gibson Guitar Corp., Nashville, TN, when they receive inquiries about vintage and used instruments. We have appraised the contents of the CF Martin museum for Martin five times, the estate of CF Martin III, and the personal collection of George Fullerton. We are recommended by many local music stores around the country and by other manufacturers, libraries, museums, magazines and newspaper columnists. In business since 1971, we service the needs of over 225,000 players and collectors of American fretted instruments.

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Howdy Everyome!

I have  a Gibson J-45 Deluxe that I need to have appraised. I'm about an hour from Austin Tx, 45 mins from Waco and 3 hours from Dallas Fort-worth. If anyone knows a top notch appraiser in any of those locations I'd appreciate the info.





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Appraisals are Guidelines. Good to have done by someone like Gruhn. Especially for Insurance sake.

Regarding the Market, there is Retail & there is Wholesale. Dealers buy Wholesale. 

Though, no 2 Guitars are exactly alike. What something is worth is what someone is willing to pay & what someone is willing to accept.

Good luck

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