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please read this everyone please i need help bad..................................


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Me and paw used to sit around joking and laughing at the possibility of a woman president. We knew it could never happen and how messed up things would be if it ever happened you know with all that estrogen things would get real bad. You know, "Oh that leader of N. Korea did what? Oh no he di'in't, lets blow him up."


Since paw died I've been thinking it wouldn't be that bad after all. So can we please just put a women in the office of the president? Paw never saw this happen and it would honor him real good if we could just do that and I don't think anyone would notice or miss the current guy. I think we should put Sarah Palin in as President and while we're at it can we put Hillarious Clinton in as Vice?


So please can anyone help me out in the memory of paw? Please please oh please - huh huh huh?















Now back to your regular scheduled lounge program. No women, republican, democrat, or other were harmed in the making of this post. This is meant entirely as satire.

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All I can say to that is, I would have no problem with a female as Pres of course.


BUT, due to the fact that many women claim (and I believe them) that monthly

issues cause them attitude, self-esteem and decision problems which these SAME

WOMEN say that they can't help, I would certainly want to look into the

history of any female running for President.


And I would not expect any horse-crap feedback from any parties who object to this



If some group of men had a similar problem I would check to see if any man running

for president falls into this group also.


To hell with PC, do what's necessary.

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I'm sorry about Paw and all but come on...We all know that women can't be president, they have long hair, high voices and how are they supposed to be all presidential and everything if they are barefoot and pregnant like they are supposed to be? Jiminy Christmas what a dumb idea...

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