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Les Paul Custom?


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Appologies in advance for another "is this a fake?" thread


I have an opportunity to trade some gear for this guitar. The guy claims it's a 2000 Les Paul Custom and sent me these 3 pictures.


The logo and the 2-screw truss rod cover look ok, but isn't a Custom's headstock supposed to be bigger?

Also - if you look closely, there are stickers on the pickups - I can't really make out what they say.


I play a Standard and a Classic and know what those are supposed to look like - not so sure about Customs. Also - Customs seem to be the prime cuprits for fakery... so I'm understanably a bit wary.


In any case, I'm obviously not going to make any trade without inspecting it in person. I also didn't get a serial # from the guy..


My main question to my fellow Gibson geeks is - is it even worth meeting with the guy or is this thing obviously bogus?


Here's a link to the pics:




Thanks and rocknroll!!!


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Great - Thanks guys!! Yeah - something seemed a little fishy, glad I asked. Even though the logo and truss rod cover looked ok, something just seemed wrong and "cheap"


I actually didn't realize that Customs don't have rosewood fingerboards (what are they, ebony?) - I also didn't even notice the screws on the tune-o-matic. Good eye.


I probably (hopefully) would have picked out something fake had I actually played it and inspected it, but am glad I don't have to waste my time meeting with the guy.


You rock!

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Blatant/ nasty/ cheap/ horrid , but some idiot will buy it then come here and utter those immortal words [just bought this do you think its fake?] door /horse/ bolted.#-o=P~

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I haven't seen the pickup stickers before (but I only ever see "new" guitars at GC). Other giveaways are the smaller-than-standard- diamond inlay (like an Epiphone), the curl on the L in the cursive text on the TRC goes below the line (like an Epiphone), the white outline on the TRC is too thin and cut off at the nut so it will fit, and the volume/tone knob pairs aren't parallel to the neck.


Just to name a few..................

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All very informative. Thanks again. I'll keep it in mind if I'm ever looking for a Custom.


I've noticed that pretty much all fakes I've seen have been Custom.. the forgers don't seem to waste their time with Standards or Classics or whatnot.. I guess they figure they can get more money - plus I guess you can put a black or white finish on any junky wood and no one can see what's underneath.

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