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Canadians Grew a Pair!


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TORONTO - Beer maker Molson is turning off the tap and cutting off the supply of free suds to its retirees, the Toronto Star reported on Tuesday.


Molson, a division of Molson Coors, said it was looking to "standardize" its complimentary beer policy.


There are 2,400 Molson retirees in Canada and their free beer costs the company about C$1 million ($900,000) a year, the Star said.

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Molson retirees in the province of Newfoundland will see their monthly allotment of beer fall from six dozen a month to zero over the next five years.


Current workers will see their allotment drop from 72 dozen bottles a year to 52 dozen.


"There was no consultation, we just received a letter that this is a done deal, which is totally unfair," Bill Bavis, who retired six years ago after 32 years at Molson's in St. John's, Newfoundland, told the Star. "I think with the economic downturn they're trying to take advantage of us, as a way to cut retirees' benefits and justify it."



Molson brothers confirm bid for NHL's Canadiens


Unions have launched grievances in Montreal and Vancouver, where the allotment is less.


A spokesman for Molson said the company feels it still has a very generous benefits package.

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Wow, retirees getting a dose of the real world huh? I have that beat though..........


I work at a plant that employs 41 people and made a NET profit of 2.2 BILLION dollars last year...........

as soon as the economy stumbled, they took away our monthly earned bonus program, AND

our annual profitshare program, while managment (8 of the 41)got new plasma TV's in their offices, new

company cars, an enhanced free golf league, and are making enough money that 3 are currently

building multi-million dollar homes.

They took our little benefits and added to theirs, BECAUSE THEY CAN, and because they're greedy bi*ches and bas*ards


Welcome to the real world old-timers !! Sux, don't it????

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