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New amp!

Big Arm

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That picture makes it look much larger than it is. Each of the logs behind it are between 10 and 12 inches. The cab is 12" wide, 18" long and 17" tall. It is made by Ken Luker (lukerllc.com) of Eugene, Oregon. It is hand wired and hand made pine cabinets. This cab has an Eminence Man o War speaker in it. It comes standard with a Legend 1258 speaker. It sounds very good. So good that I now have to decide what to do with the Blackstar HT-5. Very nice cleans! Ken and his wife are very good to work with. It was packed very well and came with no damage. He can also do it in tolex. It looks great in our log cabin.

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Is it 6V6, or EL84, or what?


Looks GREAT in a log cabin.


KSG is into 5 knob amps...... (Blue Angel)...... (how many knobs on that Electra Dyne?)




Cool amp.....



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