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I'd really appreciate your help with this...


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Hi everyone, hope you're good.


A bit of a begging post really...


My band has been shortlisted to open the main stage at a big music festival in the UK called Bingley Music Live. We now need the public to vote for us in order to reach a live final.


Voting is really easy and requires no registering or giving out any personal details whatsoever.


My band is called The Tempus and we're the 5th band from the bottom at the following link:




Simply select 'Vote for The Tempus' then scroll down to the bottom of the page and click 'Submit Your Vote'.


Thanks in advance for taking the time to vote for us, it really is appreciated!





P.S.- I realise this isn't really Les Paul related but I have just bought my first Gibson recently and it'd be great to see/hear it on a big stage!!

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