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Looks like they were banned for 30 days....




Can't say I blame Gibson...after all, it is a corporate site.


Should be interesting to see how all this plays out...


Meanwhile, I have a guitar-related question:


I have a vox wah, which I hate. It is useless. I am thinking of dropping in the Area 51 kit. I will run about $130 with shipping, etc. The reviews are good. But is it worth it?



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I'm not banned. Who in their right mind would put some acoustic forum dude as a moderator anyway. Doh!!


I'm not a mod' date=' but you're kinda stepping [b']my [/b]toes a bit there. What in the name of Orville Gibson does whether someone plays an acoustic or electric have to do with anything?


A Gibson player/enthusiast is a Gibson player/enthusiast . PERIOD!

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I have no idea about the Area 51 drop-in kit, it only says something about vintage Italian sound (a little vague description), but if you can solder the B.Y.O.C wah drop-in kit might be interesting for you. It's a Clyde McCoy-clone and it's quite a bit cheaper than the Area 51 kit. You should be able to find some info and samples on Youtube. Just my 2 cents.

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...that's a shame' date=' I liked him and was never offended by his posts. They did show us the true nature of some of the members tho[/quote']


There is a big difference between Homz and some others. He may ruffle some feathers and bait people into debates, but he has rarely insulted members outside the circle jerks.

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Homz email:


Howdy fellows,


I am banned. the message reads;Your account has been temporarily suspended. This suspension is due to end on Wednesday, December 30, 2009 3:49:46 PM.


Some of you might be pleased with this, but consider the next time you have an unpopular thought and fear sharing it.


All I want to know is specifically what I said that got me banned. It's one thing to violate the rules. It's quite another to be blamed for the hateful natures of other's posts who can't control their emotions.


Can someone tell me who the POS is who banned me and get me an e-mail address of who I should protest this action.





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