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Dark Fire problem - MCK blinking white


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i just swapped strings for the first time on my dark fire, and all the robot functions have ceased working. the A, G, and high e letters blink white on the MCK during string-up or tuning. i thought it might have been the strings, so i removed the DR pure blues and went to d'addarios, and i'm still experiencing the same problems. i double checked that none of the strings are touching each other, and that they were properly seated on the saddles.


any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Welcome! In addition to elantric's excellent tutorial, refer to this (noting the reference to white lights, in short, you have a short):


From Dark Fire Owner Letter in our reference section:

"Once in default mode from pulling the MCK out, here's how to tune to standard tuning (A=440Hz).

1. Strum all six strings normally—not too hard, not too soft.

2. The Powerheads will turn robotically and the MCK's String LEDs will shine various colors to

indicate tuning status. Here's what the colors mean:

? Red (solid): String not in tune, or not yet tuned

? Red (flashing): Measuring string frequency

? Blue (solid): Signal is clipping (the strum was too hard; strum more softly))

? Yellow flashing: Powerheads turning to tune string

? Purple solid: String frequency at extreme end of range

? Green: Individual string in tune

? All LEDs off, except one LED solid blue: Tuning is complete

? White (blinking): Short circuit detected. Check if the string touches the tail piece, the bridge, a

fret, or another string. Check that the string is cut close to the posts, and also check that it is in

the center of the bridge saddle..

3. When the guitar is in tune, all LEDs will turn off except for the currently selected LED position

(either E, A, D, G, B, or e), which will shine solid blue.

4. If all the LEDs don't turn off as described in step 3, strum all six strings again. This may be

necessary if the guitar is considerably out of tune. It should take only one or two strums for

Dark Fire to be in tune.

5. Push the MCK back in—you're ready to play."

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thanks for your responses. i'm a bit perplexed here. i did go through elantric's excellent guide before. i have just checked the guitar up and down, and the strings are not touching the tailpiece, frets or each other. i have no idea where the short is taking place. i am still getting the blinking white letters on my MCK. if pics of specific sections would help, i can post some.

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This is a bridge with a shorted "D" and "A" string -

See the Center of the pic below - the string is touching the Bridge Base = Ground = a power short = bad.

Raise the Tailpiece to solve the problem - use the 3mm Allen Wrench.



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Info is conveyed between the PCU sensors and the peghead via the strings. The E, G, and high e work together (your problem; the short is there), the others likewise, in consort for their functions. You have a short on the E, G, and high e side. Just as an aside, you must have at least two strings in each bank operational and tuned (or thereabouts).


EDIT: Just noticed the cross-post reply while I was replying also; I'm delighted your problem is solved (elantric has a way of doing that)!!! Enjoy your DF, please join us at Future Guitar Now, and (now that you've changed them), which strings do you prefer?


EDIT: I should have said A, G, and high e.

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hey thanks photonutalan1. i've been using dr pure blues on all my other guitars for a few months now and really like em. the d'addarios were more of an experiment, to see if the DR's were causing the short at the tailpiece. i haven't had a chance to give them a proper workout, but i did notice immediately that they do sound a bit brighter. they seem like fine strings.


thank you for the invite to futureguitarnow. i'll definitely check it out.

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