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Good grief, summa you guys are young enough to be my grandkids!


.... All kidding aside - don't let the forum take away from picking time. But on the other hand, it's sometimes darned good to do something entirely different from picking so your head can get other concepts of how to do stuff on the guitar. That's probably a good reason to get a mandolin or get a start on martial arts <grin> I'm not really kidding, either.


And again, quite seriously about "maturity" issues, just keep cool and don't claim to know stuff you don't. I hope you never entirely "grow up" because a healthy sense of wonder and play keeps you caring about being alive and learning every day.


In fact, that outlook has made me more serious and more open to learning new stuff than when I started playing guitar over-seriously when I was 18. I played no less than 8 hours a day for years and all that did for me was solidify technical stuff in my head I'm still trying shed. So in a way, you might figure I'm younger now than what I was 46 years ago.


Just one piece of advice from an old guy. I went through dozens of guitars, some of which I'd give five years of my life to have back. We're on a Gibson forum, so I'm allowed a little bit of "advertising" on this. But get the best guitar you can possibly afford, say a 335 or if that's too much, an Epi Dot - the Studios go for around $300. Ditto if you prefer the SG or LP style or the ES 175 style. Whatever. Ditto acoustics. (I'd still go for an A-E rather than straight acoustic.)


Play it first in a store and if it seems like it's part of you, buy it. Yeah, it's a little pricier in a store, but... if you're near a good store, they may have "used" guitars that some idiot traded for his or her next fad purchase.


Then never, never trade. If you can't afford something you think you absolutely must have, tough noodles. Sell your bicycle or get a job or whatever. Or howl. Just don't end up wishing you had it back three months or 20 years down the road of picking.



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