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Favorite thing to eat or drink while playing music.


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Coffee (black and straight) and/or OJ, whether practicing or gigging.


I agree with the "best not to eat" for guitarists, at least if one's discussing "finger food." OTOH, I'm also not up for not eating prior to a gig or eating too soon. So that makes some sort of grazing between sets, at least, practical to keep up one's energy. I used to do cashews a lot until storebought teeth made that a little difficult. Those individually-packed cookies can help a little and you don't have to touch them if you're careful. <grin>


When I was a kid playing rock we'd use a bit of blackberry brandy and/or "Real Lemon" to ease the damage we did to our throats. I don't care much for that idea nowadays - and I note that most older singers back off a bit on the screaming mimi sort of sound. A buddy of mine was pushed out of the biz because he'd mostly destroyed his throat just singing mostly country and singing rather smoothly. Sad. Protect the pipes, folks.


The advantage of OJ, BTW, is that most saloons carry it or one can pick up a jug at most "quick stop" joints - and it has some sugar to keep up energy and liquid to keep one from dehydrating as the night goes on.


That dehydration problem is one I think a lot of "hard working" rock players have ignored over the years and it's not good either for the musician's bod or for the music in later sets. Beer sounds like a good idea, but it ain't. I usually swap the coffee for OJ after the first cup or two per set - and I'm mostly just sitting in a high chair and not doing the more athletic stuff I did years ago.


Bottom line: Our bodies are what we use to make music as much as the guitar or other "instrument." Best take care of it even while performing. Oh - I do smoke, but I'll never forget a Frank Sinatra album liner quote that after hitting a clinker, "That was a very old Chesterfield (cigarette brand)."



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Eat/Lortabs.........(hey man, I got a 'scrip for osteoarthritis)

Drink/Eight O'clock French Roast coffee, fresh ground per pot.


Disclaimer: I know i'll probably take a flogging for this post, but it's not like i'm breaking YOUR band up....

been there, done that, 20 years ago

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