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Are you talking about what's going on in the forums? Homz was banned yesterday and everyone's making a huge deal about it' date=' and elantric made some new rules so that all the topics have to be related to guitars in the lounge. (at least that's how I understand it)[/quote']




I've been gone a few days, and noticed some weird comments I didn't understand.....




I'll research more....

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Homz was banned yesterday and everyone's making a huge deal about it

... and several forum members (myself, namely) were accused of getting him banned.....

Sorry if I made a big deal out of being accused of the very sh!t I detest by the worst perp on the forum.



Looks like another Looney-Toon, Lobotomized Lefty cloak & dagger conspiracy....

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I'm not sure myself, I logged out early Friday afternoon and didn't get back on until yesterday evening. When I got on last night, I found out that Neo and Homz had been banned...don't know why, or what happened. Homz and Wicked1 spent last night complaining about right wing nut jobs, oppression, censorship, first amendment rights, and finally honor, I had the very ground I walk on REBUKED by homz...the drama was thick enough to gag a fly. I'm still not sure what homz meant about rebuking the ground...I looked up rebuke and it doesn't seem to make sense the way homz used it...






transitive verb

Inflected Form(s):

re·buked; re·buk·ing


Middle English, from Anglo-French rebucher, rebouker to blunt, check, reprimand


14th century


1 a: to criticize sharply : reprimand b: to serve as a rebuke to2: to turn back or keep down : check

synonyms see reprove

— re·buk·er noun

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Oh, and I'm banned too....



I see Homz is in the thread, lurking thru Wicked1's account.








Turn off the computer...... take a deep breath.... go outside into the sunlight....

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That's a waste of ammo.

Let me get this straight now' date=' you missed with the first shot, or it took two to kill it?[/quote']


I missed with the first shot.


In my defense, I gigged last night, drank a BUNCH of Coronas and limes, and had mowed for an hour or so, used the RED MAX weedeater for another 1/2 hour, lit a fire burning brush and had about 5 beers in me when I found the sneaky snake under my cabin......


I missed him on the first shot!



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Oh dear...Be safe


Relax. He's fulla crap.......


I 've done enough microdot to sink a small boat.......


He's a kid.


I don't think he even owns a Gibson...........


Just sayin'.......



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