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My first Gibson ever...'67 SG Special!!

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Here she is...I got her in '77 for $450--my Dad loaned me half, and I used my lawn mowing money for the rest.


Pic I took right after buying it:




Gigging with it a few years later, after I joined the Air Force:





...and I still have it today...set up Pete Townsend style (holds tuning a bit better)...I'm just a bit fatter...LOL.




Untouched electronics:





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Nice piece indeed!


I can imagine what a pill that was to swallow in 1977.

$450 was alot of money!!!


Just goes to prove what money well-spent is truly worth.





Didn't like the Maestro?




The Maestro is in the case...holds tuning better without it. I still pull it out of the case for an occasional church gig. :D


The was a full summer's lawn mowing money, plus what I had saved in the bank.



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