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Computer help needed


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I had a computer crash. I backup all my files so thats not a problem...heres my pickle.


Before, I didnt have to keep typing in my name and password to log into the Gibson forum. My computer

remembered all the info...


Now I have to do it everytime.

What setting do I need to tweak to enable this function?


Hey!...I just noticed my avatar changed...and my post count dropped. I was over 3000!

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Is it a PC using window? Depending on the version of windows Check under the "Control Panel" under "Internet Options". There's a "box" that has a setting to "delete browsing history on sign off". I don't know what the default setting is but if it's set to "on" as soon as you sign off everything (temp files,cookies,passwordstore) is wiped out.. (The pc I'm looking at is Windows-XP).

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Auto complete is a file called .nk2 file its location it in Documents and settings/

user name(thats your user name)/ application data Microsoft/ outlook/.nk2

If you back that file up you can restore and have all you auto complete back.

This is for the future since you didn't have it backed up before.



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